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Plaited Paracord Grot

Plaited Paracord Grot

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The collar safely tightens when your dog pulls on the lead, discouraging the behaviour without causing harm.

Features of the slip collar:

  • 1 or 2 safety stoppers depending on collar size purchased
  • Discourages lead pulling without harm
  • Helps prevent highly excitable dogs from choking
  • Safe and secure alternative to choke chains or pinch collars
  • Highly durable ring attachments for leads

When at rest, the collar should sit comfortably loose around the dog's neck without being overly baggy. Measure the circumference of your dog's neck to ensure the correct collar length is worn.

Please supply measurements in cm or inches, choose up to 2 colours.

NOTE: Unlike Biothane, Paracord is not waterproof so cannot be wiped down after a muddy walk, but just simply pop into a pillow case and put in a cool wash

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